This is the 2017 SUPER! BitCon VIP Pack.  It’s beautiful.  Be sure to like our Facebook page to stay updated on the latest VIP Pack giveaways.  This year’s VIP Packs were generously sponsored by our good friends at Tinker Federal Credit Union.

Each year, we have offered VIP Packs as a commemorative way to promote S!BC in the months leading up to the big day.  They are always overwhelmingly popular — so much so that we were asked by many to make them available for sale.  We declined.

VIP Packs can only be won — and this year we have 25 of them to give away. This is a fully-functional, playable Nintendo game created just for our expo!

Each pack comes with a pair of VIP badges so you can skip the lines and experience S!BC in style!  They are meant to be lovingly displayed and played amongst the proud collection of any gamer.  We hope our VIP winners cherish them as much as we enjoyed making them.

So what are the VIP benefits, you ask?

Here are a few benefits we can tell you about right now:

  1. The awesome VIP Pack itself
  2. Two free bid tickets for our Charity Bazaar — pick them up at the Info Booth (thanks to the generous donor who provided them!)
  3. Two VIP badges, giving you front row access to the panels and line jumping privileges for the autograph table as well as several contests and events (details available at the Info Booth)
  4. A 50% off coupon to buy an event t-shirt (pick it up at the info booth by showing your VIP badge)
  5. Free high-fives all weekend from Phil (we know this is the real reason you want to win)

More details on how to win coming soon!

Our March Madness giveaway entry period has now closed.