We have an enormous amount of exhibition space this year. Each year our vendors have a wide variety of everything gaming related — classic and modern video games, card and tabletop games, jewelry, apparel, art, crafts, plush, and more!

Below is our exhibitor map for this year.  Note: this map only shows exhibitor placement and does not include any of the other events/areas of SUPER! BitCon 2017.


Store or business name Space
Daniel Sutliff A1
Popculture Feedback A2
Tigerlily’s A3-4
Crazed Lemming Productions A5-7
Abel Rodriguez A8-11
A Grimes Studio A12
Divine Knight Gaming A13
Main Event A14
Vr gaming llc A15-17
Game Xchange A18-20
Gillygoods Emporium B1-2
Spooks & Treats B3
The Pixelized Princess B4-5
8bitmatt B6
trades for days B7
Level 9 B8-9
SaBasse Studios B10
Warehouse RoyGBiv B11
WhiteOblivion B12
My Chic Geek B13-14
Celebration Station B15-16
Anime Pop B17-18
NodeCraft Hosting LLC B19-20
Josh Glazebrook B21
The Game Chasers B22
J Max Geek Shack B23
Cute ‘n’ Deadly B24-25
Vintiques B26-29
Purplefish Quilting B30
We Know Video Games B31
Oxygen Impulse B32
Croc shop B33
Rated N For Nerdy B34
Lesly’s Plushes C1
Matthews Design C2
Literati Press C3
Chance Stokes C4-6
Conr0y games C7
The Starving Art C8
Angelkeznie C9-10
Data Drain C11
Loyal K.N.G C12-14
NintendoBros C15-16
The Nostalgic Nerd C17
Half Price Books C18-19
Got Games C20-23
Finley games and R Harkey Art C24
All Star Toys C25-26
Retro Circuits C27-28
Peppermint Rose D1-2
Forever Games D3
Brett Weiss D4-5
Bad GraFx Gaming D6-7
144 Creations D8
Viathatoneartist D9
Timothy Fernandez D10
Dragon Feathers D11
Freaks And Geeks D12-14
Video Game Dads Podcast D15
SoonerCon 26 (Future Society of Central Oklahoma) D16
Catherine Pitt D17
Recycled entertainment D18-20
Jaxn5Gaming D21-24
Thrillhouse D25-30
Trade-N-Games D31-34
Needles and Pins OKC E1
Deann Stone Designs E2-3
Prolazercutz E4-5
NonLocality Software E6
Alexandra Brodt illustration E7
Dice Addition E8-9
Craftberry Arts E10
Absurdist Productions E11
The Traveling Merchant E12-13
OK Shirt Co E14-15
Okie Geek Podcast E16-17
Hood’s Games N’ Things E18-20
GoldFire Studios X1
Emerald Interactive Games X2
Happy Cow Games LLC X3
Video Game Developers Club of Okstate X4
Table Troll Games  X5-6
 Raphael D Wilson  X7-8


Click to view our exhibitor agreement

By registering for exhibition space at SUPER! BitCon, you agree that:

•  You understand that your exhibition space is 10’x10’ and provided tables are 8’x2.5’.

•  You will not encroach on the exhibition space of others in your vicinity without obtaining their consent.

•  You will maintain a presence within your exhibition space throughout both days of the event, from open until an hour before close, understanding that packing up during the last hour of either day of the event is permitted.  You will contact event staff if circumstances require you not to attend one or both days.

•  You understand that the state of Oklahoma requires each vendor to declare and pay any sales taxes that are due, and you agree that it is your responsibility to declare and remit any due taxes to the designated S!BC staff member as instructed.  Information on this process will be available during the show, or you can contact us with any questions.  This is required by Oklahoma State law.

•  You understand that S!BC is a gaming expo and you agree that you will make every effort to assure that the items for sale in your exhibition space are at least 51% gaming related or you have consulted S!BC staff in the event that you may need an exception/exemption.

•  Vaping will not be allowed anywhere inside the building.  Please feel free to do so outside.

•  You agree to always respect S!BC guests, staff & volunteers, and you understand that all qualms or issues encountered during S!BC 2016 should be addressed with an S!BC staff member rather than an S!BC volunteer.

•  You understand that any monies paid to S!BC for rental of an exhibition space will be utilized toward venue & materials rental as well as material acquisitions and that no refunds are possible for any reason, including exhibition space forfeiture or non-compliance with these terms.

•  You agree to all aforementioned terms and understand that your participation in S!BC may be jeopardized if you do not comply.  A signed copy of these terms will be required upon check-in at S!BC 2016.