In 2012, the Retro Gamers Society (founding sponsor of SUPER! BitCon) adopted Rick Swyden’s organization Hotdogs for the Homeless as its charity of choice. Rick started this incredible organization as a way to reach out to the less fortunate by way of providing a weekly meal that many depend on. Alongside the meals come socks, toothbrushes, and other supplies that are often seen as staples by the fortunate among us, but as luxuries by some below the poverty line.

SUPER! BitCon would not be complete without a nod to RGS’s relationship to this cause. For this reason, in 2014 we organized a charity silent auction for convention attendees to peruse.  Gaming related auction items raised $1,000 for this incredible cause.  In 2015 we raised money again by way of our Charity Bazaar.  HftH volunteers sold “bid tickets” for $1 each.  These tickets were used to bid on the vast array of items available in the Charity Bazaar.  At the end of the expo, there were drawings for each of the items up for bid, and the bazaar raised $2,000!  We repeated this setup in 2016 and jumped up to $3,000!

All of the proceeds from our Charity Bazaar will be donated directly to assist Hotdogs for the Homeless operations. There are many reasons people fall below the poverty line and into homelessness, ranging from mental disability to PTSD to simply falling on hard times. HftH is a fantastic way to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate in a tangible, life impacting way. Unlike passing cash to a panhandler, you know where your donation goes and how it is spent. Whether they be unwed mothers, impoverished children, or the homeless: those who show up to benefit from Rick Swyden’s organization’s generosity feel the difference your financial assistance makes. HftH provides toiletries, care, and meals for the impoverished and disadvantaged — a needed and appreciated service that we are proud to encourage and support.

Email Outreach Chair Ronnie Titsworth for info on how to donate!

Thank you for your generosity in donating!

For insight into the yearly Retro Gamers Society HftH game-a-thon benefit, check out this article and this wrap-up video from 2013! In 2014 RGS raised over $3500 for HftH during their game-a-thon! In 2015, RGS raised over $6500 for this incredible charity!